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Youth Leader Conference (YLC) 2023 on Saturday, February 25, 2023 @ 9:00 AM


  9:30 – Registration/Check In
10:00 – General Session
11:15 – Break
11:30 – Breakout 1
12:30 – Lunch
  1:30 – Breakout 2
  2:30 – Break [Snacks]
  2:45 – Breakout 3
  4:00 – Closing session
  4:45 – Invitation for teams to head to dinner together

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are registering someone besides yourself, enter their information above Attendee fields and in all but the following two boxes (regarding your/your group leader's name & email). If you don't do this properly, individual registrants will not receive breakout & lunch selection instructions. 
Group Leader's Full Name (if registering with a group)
Group Leader's Email (if registering with a group)
*With which church/organization are you attending?:
*What is your role at your church/organization:
*What age group do you work with:
*Is this your first YLC?:
*How did you hear about YLC?:
If you are registering multiple people, click next on this page and then "register another person" on the next page, and at the end it will allow you to pay for everyone at the same time.