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PM Blackhawk Bible Study Registration (In-person, open to all) on Monday, September 19, 2022 @ 7:00 PM


The registration fee for PM Blackhawk Bible Study is $20.

If you would like to pay by check or cash, please contact Evelyn at epaulsen@blackhawkchurch.org. After she receives your cash or check, she will provide a promo code so you can register online. 

Questions? See our Payment FAQs.

** Women ONLY groups are FULL.  Email epaulsen@blackhawkchurch.org to be placed on the waitlist **


Please note: This form is for PM Blackhawk Bible Study Only (Open to all). Looking for (Wednesday, Women only) AM Blackhawk Bible Study or Online (Open to all) Blackhawk Bible Study? Please return to the church calendar and select an AM Blackhawk Bible Study or Online Blackhawk Bible Study meeting:

Personal Information

*Age Group:
*What Blackhawk site do you normally attend?:
If you go to another church, where do you attend?:
Have you attended Encounter (former name of Blackhawk Bible Study) in the past? Select all that apply.
If yes, who was your most recent leader?:
If no, is this your first Bible Study?:
*Would you be interested in meeting online instead of in-person during the winter months (January-March)?
*If there is a snow day or bad weather, are you willing to meet online for the evening?
*Would you be interested in meeting early at 6:30-8 PM instead of 7-8:30 PM?  
Do you require any special accommodations or materials to make it possible for you to participate?:
*Three-Ring Binder for Curriculum:

Small Groups (Open to all, based on availability and interest)

PM Small Groups may be women ONLY, men ONLY or mixed with both women and men.  You can also indicate no preference for single sex or mixed group, in which case, we will place based on balancing group sizes.  Please note that group placement is based on availability and interest.  You will be contacted if we need to offer an alternate group.  
*Group Type:
Is there one person that you would like to be in a small group with? (We will do our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee your group placement.)
First and Last Name:


Are you interested in serving with Blackhawk Bible Study? Check any boxes that sound interested and someone will contact you with more information:
Curriculum Prep:
Check-in Kiosk Volunteer:
Small Group Facilitation:


If you drop out of Blackhawk Bible Study and seek a refund, the date that you drop will affect the amount of the registration fee that you receive back. Refunds will not be given for expenses already incurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Confirmation Email

Please note that you will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please look for incomplete fields on the form and resubmit, or contact Evelyn at epaulsen@blackhawkchurch.org.
The promo code section is to be used for partial scholarships. We never want money to prohibit participation in our programming. If you have a financial need for a scholarship, please fill out this short form and Veronica Hummel will get back to you regarding availability of partial scholarships. All requests are kept confidential.