HSM Serve and Thrive Team Application 2022-23

Serve and Thrive Team exists to equip, encourage, and empower students to grow in their faith by learning more about God through in-depth study of the Bible. In response, we follow the example of Jesus and the call of Scripture to serve others in our daily lives, individually and as a team.

Please complete the application by August 21st if you are interested in being part of Serve and Thrive Team this semester. After completing the application, there may be an interview. 
*Student First Name:
*Student Last Name:
Cell Phone Number:
*Gender (for small group assignments):
*Grade (2021-2022):
*Parent/Guardian 1: First Name:
*Parent/Guardian 1: Last Name:
*Parent/Guardian 1: Email:
Parent/Guardian 2: First Name:
Parent/Guardian 2: Last Name:
Parent/Guardian 2: Email:
*Previous HSM Involvement (indicate N/A if none):
*Please describe your faith journey including how God got your attention and some significant experiences and people that He used. 
*Describe the ways you best connect with God and how you grow in your relationship with Him.
*What are some barriers to your spiritual growth?
*Briefly describe how you would explain to someone how to become a Christian.
*Why do you want to be part of Serve and Thrive Team?
This year, Serve & Thrive is a semester long commitment, with the option to commit to being a part of the team for both semesters. Please select which semester(s) you would like to apply for.
*Options List:
Serve and Thrive Team is a serious commitment. There are limited spots available; therefore, we want all members of the team to make it a priority. We expect students to be at all meetings, taking off work and other commitments, when necessary. If a student absolutely must miss a meeting, they need to communicate with Melissa Ernst and Jaclyn Schmitt well in advance.
Meetings (first semester):
September 11 & 18, October 2 & 16, November 6, December 11
*Are you willing to commit to these dates? (indicate "no" if applying for just second semester):
Meetings (second semester):
January 8 & 22, February 12 & 26, March 12 & 26, April 16 & 30
*Are you willing to commit to these dates? (indicate "no" if applying for just first semester):
Please Provide 2 references (make sure to ask for permission prior to including anyone as a reference on this application)
*Reference #1 Name:
*Reference #1 Email:
*Reference #1 Phone Number:
*Reference #1 Relationship:
*Reference #2 Name:
*Reference #2 Email:
*Reference #2 Phone Number:
*Reference #2 Relationship: