HSM Mentoring Form - Adult

The goal of this form is to find out more about you so we can match you with a high school student in a mentoring relationship that will be mutually beneficial. We encourage you to be honest and open as you answer these questions, no answers will automatically disqualify you from becoming a mentor. After submitting the form, we will follow up with you to set up a meeting where we can discuss the mentor program in greater detail. Thank you for your willingness to serve!

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Date of Birth:
*Marital Status:
*Cell Phone:
*What is your involvement with Blackhawk and/or High School Ministries?:
*What are your interests and hobbies? :
*What are you passionate about in life right now?:
*How do you best connect with God?:
*How would friends/family describe you? (adventurous, intellectual, easy-going, outgoing, serious, quiet, lighthearted, etc.):
*Do you have previous experience volunteering, mentoring, or working with youth? Please describe.:
*What life experience do you have that could be helpful in mentoring a student?:
*What qualities, skills, or strengths do you feel you have that would benefit a student?:
*Do you feel comfortable relating to high school students? If not, what are your concerns?:
*Why are you interested in becoming a mentor?:
*What type of student are you willing to mentor? (not actively seeking God, open but cautious, actively seeking):
Are there particular students you are interested in mentoring? If so, list their names.:
*Do you have any additional comments or concerns?: