HSM Servant Team Application 2019-2020

Servant Team exists to equip, encourage, and empower students to serve Christ through Godly leadership. Through Servant Team, you will have an opportunity to build a foundation and Biblical basis for Godly leadership in your life and also be part of a team that works with a local organization in the community.

Please complete the application by June 30. After completing the application, there may beĀ an interview. The interviews will take place the first and second week of July.
*Student First Name:
*Student Last Name:
Cell Phone Number:
*Grade (2019-2020):
*Parent 1: First Name:
*Parent 1: Last Name:
*Parent 1: Email:
Parent 2: First Name:
Parent 2: Last Name :
Parent 2: Email:
*Previous Involvement (HG, AASM, Mentoring, trips):
*If you have not been part of Servant Team before, please describe your faith journey including how God got your attention and some significant experiences and people that He used. If you have been part of Servant Team, if there are any changes in your faith journey since the last time you applied that you would like to share, feel free to. Also, if you have been a part of it, please share how you have grown in your relationship with Christ this year.
*Describe the ways you best connect with God and how you grow in your relationship with Him.
*What are some barriers to your spiritual growth?
*Briefly describe how you would explain to someone how to become a Christian.
*Why do you want to be part of Servant Team?
Servant Team is a serious commitment. There are limited spots available; therefore, we want all members of the team to make it a priority. We expect students to be at all meetings, taking off work and other commitments, when necessary. If a student absolutely must miss a meeting, they need to communicate with Pat Brady well in advance.
Team Meetings:

September 29, October 13 & 27, November 10 & 24, December 15, January 5 & 19, February 9 & 23, March 8 & 29, April 26

Strongly Encouraged:

October 24 - Q Commons
December 6-8 - HSM Spiritual Retreat
March 7 - Kingdom Justice Summit
*Are you willing to commit to these dates?:
*Reference #1 Name:
*Reference #1 Email:
*Reference #1 Phone Number:
*Reference #1 Relationship:
*Reference #2 Name:
*Reference #2 Email:
*Reference #2 Phone Number:
*Reference #2 Relationship:
Please make sure to ask their permission prior to including them as your reference on the application.