Adopt a College Student Sign Up // For Students

Thank you for your interest to participate in our Adopt-A-College Student program!

We will begin matching families soon for this Fall, 2019. At that time you will be paired with an adult, family, or a couple. It may take a while until other families apply, so please be patient. Thanks! 

If you're looking for the family sign up please go here.

*Will you be able to meet at least once a month?:

Please note:

In order for this program to be effective, you must be willing to take time out of a busy schedule to meet with your adult or family. If you're not able, then this program may not be for you - please reapply when time in your schedule permits.
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*Are you an undergrad, graduate, or other? :
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If you do not have a car that you are able to drive to meet your paired adult or family, please answer the following question:
Where do you live in Madison?:
*Where are you from?:
*Are you an International student?:

If you are an International student, please answer the following question:
When will you leave Madison?:
*What are your interests and hobbies? :
*Are you allergic to any animal?:
*Would you prefer a family with children?:

Are you comfortable with disabled children and a family that might have a child with special needs?
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When are you available to meet with your family?
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*What is your Blackhawk/Ministry Involvement?:
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CAM is Blackhawk Church's College Age Ministry.
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What additional information would you like to share? Please be as specific as possible.
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