Life Group Finder

Life Groups are vital to our personal and spiritual growth, and it's our desire to have space for everyone interested in a Life Group. So, please start by choosing one group to connect with.

If you can't find an open group immediately, please check back regularly. We continually adjust availability as spots become open in existing groups and new groups form.
To see all open groups, click "Search" without choosing any criteria.

As you are looking for a group, these category guidelines might be helpful. We recognize that these categories don't fit everyone perfectly, but it's a good starting point to search from.

  • College Age: young adults who are in college or who are ages 18-22
  • Young Adults: young adults ages 22-30
  • 30-40: adults ages 30-40
  • Young Marrieds: married without kids
  • Parent(s) of children birth-elementary: any individual, whether single or married, who have children age birth-elementary
  • Parent(s) of middle school and high school students: any individual, whether single or married, who have students in middle school or high school
  • Empty Nesters: individuals with ages approximately between 45 and 65
  • Seniors: individuals over the age of 65
  • Chinese: groups connected to Blackhawk Chinese Ministry
  • Multi-generational: groups with a wide variety of ages and life stages