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Apartment Set Up - Nehemiah Reentry Services

Help set up and shop for apartments for ex-offenders who will be moving into temporary apartment as they transition back into our community. Flexible volunteer hours.

Who we are:
Nehemiah serves the under-resourced population of Greater Madison with a focus on at-risk African American families. Nehemiah concentrates on prevention, early intervention, education and restoration in order to interrupt the cycle of poverty, racism, and discrimination. Nehemiah develops youth and adult leaders through programs in youth leadership, healthy neighborhoods, justice & reconciliation, economic empowerment, arts & culture, and emerging leaders.

What we do:
Nehemiah provides a wide array of culturally competent and relevant services to meet the needs of men who are leaving jail or prison. Our emergency and transitional housing promotes successful reentry through preventing homelessness. Our reentry and recovery coaching increases the likelihood that ex-offenders can successfully transition back into our community.

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