Intern Program / GO Team Trip Giving

Thanks so much for your generosity. Every dollar makes a difference in accomplishing our mission!

Online giving is an easy and secure option for giving to Blackhawk. It enables individuals and families to set up one-time or recurring giving. You may give using e-check, debit or credit cards. (Please note: Blackhawk pays a 2 - 4% surcharge when you use debit or credit cards. We do not encourage incurring credit card debt to give.)

Interns and GO Team Trip participants will be made aware of your contribution; however, the amount of your gift will remain confidential.

By giving to the Intern Program, your gift is supporting the Intern Program as a whole and you release the funds to the complete discretion and control of Blackhawk’s Intern Program.

By giving to a GO Team Trip, you release the funds to be used at the discretion of Blackhawk’s Impact Ministry for local, national and global initiatives; the gift cannot be refunded for any reason.

Memo will be visible to the selected trip participant and the church office.